General Terms and Conditions:

All prices excl VAT, Branding, Set-up Fee and Delivery if not stated otherwise.


Local Cartridge is transport costs from manufacturer to manufacturer and Klerksdorp. Own couriers will not be able

to pick up at our suppliers.


Quotation is valid for duration of special or 15 days, whichever ends first.



Samples for Corporate Clothing:


Samples of clothing can be purchased if the client prefers to see the garments beforehand.Full cost of the samples will be for the clients account, including the courieror postage fees.


Theclient wil also be responsible for the delivery and returning of the garmentsto and from the manufacturer. We will use the cheapest method of transportingthe goods, either Post Office or Couriers, whichever is cheapest or allowed!


Inthe case where the client wants to returns the samples, and NOT place anyorder, the client will be charged a R150.00 + VAT handling fee, regardless ofthe amount spent. The balance minus the R 150.00 + VAT handling fee and couriercharges will be refunded into the clients’ bank account via EFT IF the garmentsare returned without being damaged and in original packaging. (Original packaging means the garment shouldbe in the same bag as it was when received by client. The garment should matchthe description on the bag).


Ifgarments are NOT in original package, it cannot be returned, and the clientwill be liable for the cost of the clothing.

Clientswill be refunded in no later than 2 weeks, as we need to inspect the garments.


Anygarments sent back needs to be done in 5 working days.


Inthe case where a client approves of any samples and places an order, theremaining samples, if returned according to the terms above, will be creditedfrom the clients account.


Samples forCorporate Gifts:


Samplesof Corporate Gifts can be purchased, and will be dealt with like corporateclothing samples. Samples less than R 30 will NOT be returned and refunded!

Ifthe client orders goods without seeing a sample, those good will not be retunedif the client is unhappy with the product, unless the sample and final productis not the same!



Branding Terms and Condition:

Artwork to be supplied in Vector format (.CDR / .EPS / .AI / .PDF).

Jpeg should be bigger than 600dpi.


Unacceptable formats are WORD, GIF and PowerPoint files, HTML etc…


Fonts need to be supplied, and pantone colors, if artwork is not sent in .CDR format.

If the client does not supply this info, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect colour print of fonts.

No good can be returned once branded.



Artwork Fees:

Artwork received in the right format will not be charged for.


Artwork not received in correct format may attract a design and redrawing fee of R 200 ex VAT


depending on the complexity of the redraw.

This fee will accommodate 2 further changes to the layout, thereafter, any additional changes will be


charged for at R 200 ex VAT per change.

Proofs will only be done once pull payment is received. If for any reason the artwork has been done


and the client cancels the order, a designing fee of R 250,00 + vat will be charged.

The client will receive a proof for the artwork. All contents should be checked. If a client approves artwork and there is an error on, Adtitude Advertising will not be held responsible.












Website Hosting& Maintenance:


WebsiteHosting will run for a period of 12 months, where the client will be billedmonthly. Paying your invoice for website renewal is aan automatic approval ofyour next 12 months. If a client for any reason, wants to cancel their hostingbefore the term is complete, the client will be responsible for the fullmonthly hosting fees in advance, and upon receipt of the payment, wê will thenrelease the ticket.


WebsitesMaintenance should be requested via e-mail and be listed. Example changes A, Band C. Once those requests have been done, the client will receive an invoicefor THOSE updates. The client needs to approve these changes within 2 days! Ifwe missed anything, we will do the changes until correct.

Ifthe client request on the same order changes D, E or F, he will be invoiced fora second update.




Lead Times:

Lead times for most of our jobs are 7-10 workingdays, from date of artwork is approved or payment received, whichever is last.If the client needs it by a certain date, please indicate below. A rush fee ofR 300 + VAT can be charged.



To Determine ETA


1.    Quote was sent, client accepts quote.

2.    Invoice will be sent.

3.    Client needs to pay invoice before job commence.

4.    Artwork proof out.

5.    Artwork approved by client.

6.    Day 1

7.    Day 2

8.    Day 3

9.    Day 4

10.  Day 5 and so on…

11.  Day 10.

12.  Courier is sent, leave one day for arrival.